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Gold XAUUSD Nivoi na koje treba obratiti pažnju

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Podrška:   -1,235.00                       Otpor:    -1,243.70
                   -1,231.50                                       -1,246.90
                   -1,226.00                                      -1,251.90


Gold XAUUSD 22.01.2014

HotForex Gold & Silver

Sell pozicija, ukoliko probije 1234, očekujem 1220, 1200, 1180


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The Fall of Gold

HotForex Gold & Silver
Gold makes people do wild things. Ancient Egyptians melted it to decorate their dead. Sir Walter Raleigh searched for a lost golden city. Shiny flakes of it set off a 19th-century rush to California and ship captains never stop looking for it at the bottom of the sea. Today’s investors are wildly selling it, with 2013 marking the first yearly gold-price drop since 2000. After jumping sevenfold during a 12-year bull market — a run matched by only a handful of assets, including U.S.  Pročitaj ceo tekst